Monday, 9 July 2012

My Prom 06/07/2012

Hey everyone so my prom was on the 6th of July the weather was terrible it rained all day and night the prom started at 6 and was till 11 and it rained all of the night and day. So i couldn't have any pictures outside:( never mind we didn't let the rain stop us, as we still had a fab night and i would love to do it all over again if i could ha ha.

 I'm going to be sharing some pictures with you and some of the pictures that i have edited  i did do a video on youtube, as well just thought i would do a blog posted just in case some of you don't watch my video so here go otherwise i will be writing for ages ha ha:)xxx

Sorry about the order of the pictures and where they are:)xxx

My Shoes from Bhs £20.00 it think

My Hair at the back
Hair at the top

My bag Bhs £15.00
My Nail (Didn't do them myself couldn't do that ha ha)
My Makeup (i have my dress on)

Just Arrived

Me and Ellis

Me and Katherine
Before putting my dress on

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Review on MUA Blushers!!

Shade 2                      MUA Blushers                     Shade 4

I currently have two of the MUA blushers one is shade 2 and the other in shade 4. The blushers are only £1.00 and you can get them from Superdrug i think these's blushers are really cheap i think for this price you get alot of product and they are really good as i find that both blushers are very pigmented and you don't need to use that much of the product so they last a long time.

Shade 4 this one i use as my everyday blush and have now hit the pan on
: (
Shade 2 this one i dont use as much as the other one but i still love this one
 : )

Swatches of the blushers shade 2 on the left and shade 4 on the right as you can see both of these are very pigmented

Overall i think these blushers are a great buy and would recommend these to anyone, especially people my age as there really cheap and i for one don't have the money to buy experience makeup so if your like me then i think these are a great buy and would say to definitely go pick them up!!:)


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hi everyone...

So im laura you may know me from my you tube channel laurababz2008

I have been making videos for about a year or so now i think?? On my channel i do Hauls,Outfit of the days,Collection videos etc. I started making videos as i thought it would be nice to meet new pepole and to help me gain confidence by making videos also by makeing videos  it has given me a hobby as i have something to do in my spare time which is great!! i made this blog page becauces i thought it would be nice to do daily post's or weekly not really sure yet : ) or maybe i could do reviews on proctects or little hauls if i only have a few things to show you.

So im going to leave it there now blog soon.
Laura : ) xx