Saturday, 7 April 2012

Review on MUA Blushers!!

Shade 2                      MUA Blushers                     Shade 4

I currently have two of the MUA blushers one is shade 2 and the other in shade 4. The blushers are only £1.00 and you can get them from Superdrug i think these's blushers are really cheap i think for this price you get alot of product and they are really good as i find that both blushers are very pigmented and you don't need to use that much of the product so they last a long time.

Shade 4 this one i use as my everyday blush and have now hit the pan on
: (
Shade 2 this one i dont use as much as the other one but i still love this one
 : )

Swatches of the blushers shade 2 on the left and shade 4 on the right as you can see both of these are very pigmented

Overall i think these blushers are a great buy and would recommend these to anyone, especially people my age as there really cheap and i for one don't have the money to buy experience makeup so if your like me then i think these are a great buy and would say to definitely go pick them up!!:)


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